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A few words about a successful living with a Rottweiler!

rottweiler-info-001Rottweilers are very special dogs. For the reason they are not automatically suitable for every owner. If your ownership of a member of this breed is to be successful, it is necessary that you give great thought and consideration to the demands that will be made on you, and to whether they will fit into your scheme of living. This should be done priority to your decision regarding ownership of the breed , otherwise you may find yourself with an unhappy if not disastrous situation on your hands.






 rottweiler-info-002If you have very little time to spend with a dog , it is unlikely that your association would work out well if that dog is a Rottweiler, for a number of reasons. First of all, Rottweilers are a loyal devoted breed noted for strong attachments and devotion. This makes them natural protectors, but it also makes them demanding of your time and attention. They like being with you, some even to the extent of following you from place to place, dogging your footsteps. They enjoy the companionship of their loved ones and thrive best in a situation that permits it.
Because they are so large, so strong and so powerful, it is absolutely essential that a Rottweiler be trained carefully and well to obey your commands from puppyhood, usually starting at or before six months of age. Your Rottweiler must be reliably obedient, making it possible for you to keep the dog under control of your voice at all times in every situation. Here too, a Rottweiler owner must spend time with the dog.


 rottweiler-standars-003-sSince they are big dogs, Rottweiler need exercise in ratio to their size. Your dog should be walked on lead at least once daily for a reasonable distance (not just fifty yards down the street andhome). This too, places demands on your time. The rewards are great, however. If you are willing and able to put the required effort into it and want a dog ''for the pleasure of its company'' you could not possibly find a better, more loyal, more devoted breed than this one. Rottweilers are regarded so highly as guard dogs. It is also one of the things you must realize and be prepared to deal with when you make a Rottweiler a member of your family.




rottweiler-info-004-sRottweilers are not quick to bite without provocation .However through hundreds of generations they have worked as guard dogs. This instinct must be carefully channeled if problems are to be avoided. Against as with any breed, a Rottweiler will tolerate the introduction of another pet into your home, depending on the individual temperament and the manner in which the introduction is handled. It is of course easier with puppies than with mature dogs and usually easier with bitches than with the males. If you are the person for this breed you have a very pleasant and satisfying relationship ahead of you. Rottweilers they should be alert but calm. The more time these dogs spend sharing your life, the better adjusted, happier and more satisfactory companions they will become. Rottweilers are exceedingly companionable dogs and should be welcomed as family members, not shut off by themselves. A Rottweiler that has been obedience trained and receives loving attention from an owner who truly enjoys the dog can make a canine friend second to none!

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